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Advantages of 888Poker

Advantages of 888Poker

On the 888Poker platform you have access to dozens of periodic tournaments with different prizes and registrations. So whether you’re a poker beginner or a pro, it doesn’t matter. There is always a competition category that will fit your capital and experience with the game. To participate, you only need to go to the ‘Tournaments’ section on the service’s website and select one of the events to register. Below are some of the main ones offered by the platform and important information about each one.


Offers first deposit bonus: Despite being a relatively low bonus, we believe that the simple fact that the company offers this benefit is still a positive point. The fact is that not all poker rooms offer welcome bonuses, and regardless of the amount, this is an important differentiator.

It has a very friendly interface: Anyone who has used lesser known poker sites will understand what we are talking about. Some of them have very confusing page layouts, messy game rooms, no organization in live chats or even a lack of important information in the user’s home area. Well, 888Poker is the exact opposite of that, in that sense.

It allows free tournaments: The most impressive advantage that we can notice in the service is the possibility of being able to participate in tournaments for free. That simple. The prizes are reasonable, but just being able to play without a registration fee is a great opportunity to familiarize yourself with this type of competition before entering more competitive tournaments in the future.

There are tournaments with periodicity: In relation to the competitions offered by the platform, in general, they happen with a good frequency. In addition, several of them are open to users in very close days. So, if you want to participate in tournaments every day, for example, it is completely possible to do so.

Promotions & Special Offers

In addition to the welcome bonus, 888 Poker has two different mechanisms to offer bonuses to its customers: the use of promotional codes and internal offers for former users. The first option guarantees to the user that he / she has a code of this type, additional bonus offers for first deposit and conditions facilitated in the purchase of products from the store or even hiring extra services.

The second is offering cumulative points that can be exchanged for free spins on the roulette wheel. This, in turn, entitles you to more and more prizes such as more rounds, tournament tickets, discounts and premium cards.