Casino Games Casino Etiquette and unspoken rules for poker online newbies

Etiquette and unspoken rules for poker online newbies

Etiquette and unspoken rules for poker online newbies

Getting started in online poker is exciting, but you want to avoid rookie etiquette mistakes at the virtual tables. A respectable poker player knows proper etiquette and unspoken rules.

Act in turn

Don’t act out of turn by checking, betting, or folding before it’s your turn. Wait for your turn even if you’re certain you want to fold. Only act when prompted by the software to avoid confusing other players. Patience is a virtue in poker. Never discuss a hand you’re currently involved in, even if folded. Information and strategy are exposed unfairly. Also, don’t talk about how you played a past hand; it gives away your style. General poker chatter is fine between hands, but strategy talk is off-limits. Most online poker sites allow table chat. Use it respectfully to build community, say a nice hand, or have friendly banter. But avoid profanity, antagonizing opponents, excessive complaining, politics, or sharing personal details. And never use chat to needle players after winning a pot.

Respect the dealer

There’s no live dealer online, but don’t “shoot the dealer.” Verbal slights when bad cards appear are immature. Accept bad beats and variance as part of bandarqq poker. Also don’t celebrate big pots won since it’s rude toward the loser. Just stack your chips humbly. Online poker offers auto-post blinds, auto-rebuy, bet pot/half pot buttons, and more. Use them to play efficiently but don’t over-rely on them as a crutch if you want to improve as a player. Know when to manually control actions versus using automated features.

It’s your responsibility to ensure the cards displayed on the screen match what you were dealt with. Verify your hand before acting, because incorrect cards happen, though rarely. You don’t want to fold the winning hand by mistake or bet with the wrong cards shown. Online dealers control actions like burns, runouts, pot pushing, etc. Don’t tell them how to do their job as you would with a live rookie dealer. The software knows the procedures. You just play your strategy without questioning automated processes.

Tip the dealer

It’s good karma to tip, even online. Some sites have virtual tip boxes allowing you to tip the “dealer” a small % of pots won, similar to live poker. Tipping builds site goodwill and gets dealt some good poker karma in return! Don’t play under crazy or offensive screen names. Keep other groups’ names out. While anonymity online encourages outrageous nicknames, show creativity that doesn’t cross lines of decency. Remember that someone is behind every username. Emoticons liven up chat but avoid overusing them to a distracting degree. The emoji police crackdown on-screen clutter violations! Just like real-world expressions, use emoticons in responsible moderation to enhance, not replace, typed chat.

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